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Piedmont West Virginia

Found this one on Statter911.com.  Had to re-post this WV fire.  Giving some love to my Home State!

Car fire with Explosion

Car Fire with Explosion Found this video posted on Twincitiesfirewire.com.  It’s another car fire video that really hammers home why we should be #jumpseatready at all times.  As the engine arrives  something in the car explodes.  Imagine if this happened when you were near it and didn’t have ALL your PPE on correctly. Every fire is […]

Look what’s behind those doors….

Hoarder Fires   Good afternoon from the jumpseat.  Until our sister site is back up and running I want to continue writing about a dangerous condition that are coming up more and more.  Hoarder house fires have been fought on a level never seen before. This is a growing problem that we must train on.  So let’s […]

Team Firefighter takes on Ironman NYC

Ironman NYC On Saturday August 10, 2012 Team Firefighter will have representation at Ironman NYC Championship. They will have at least three members striving to become Ironman and over ten members manning an aid station on the course. Many of the team members will meet for the first time the day before the race at a pre-race […]

Good instructor gone great!

Instructors Should Strive for: Good afternoon from the injured reserve.  As I sit today listenting to my pastor in church my mind couldn’t help to wonder on why he is a great pastor?  What makes an instructor go  from being good to great?  So off to the facebook and twitter world I went to find […]

Helmet Cam from Atlanta Fire

Helmet cam from the Jumpseat! Found this video over at Statter911.com.  Had to post it.  Best #jumpseat helmet cam video that I have seen.  No keyboard command needed on this one, just watch and enjoy the jumpseat riders doing what we are supposed to do, KICK FIRES BUTT!! Shout out to the bravest from Atlanta […]

Firefighter’s Goal

Once again, we are back in the jumpseat, welcome back!  Do you have a goal for your fire service career?  This question popped up in my head today as we reviewed the upcoming sports season.  Most athletes have goals that they strive to reach.  From a football player making it to the super bowl to […]

Firefighter Injuries

Good afternoon from the jumpseat.  I must confess that being hurt and unable to head back to the firehouse, STINKS.  As my shoulder begins to heel my brain is back to work thinking about everything fire service. Today’s topic: Firefighter Injuries  Let’s face it, our chosen profession can cause us injury or even death in a blink […]

Fire Training Gone Wrong

NORTH LAS VEGAS (KSNV & MyNews3) — As you’re about to see, training to fight fires can be as dangerous as the real thing. News 3’s Mackenzie Warren obtained video of an accident during a training drill in January that lead to last week’s suspension of the North Las Vegas Fire Chief. What was meant […]

Busiest Firefighter on Scene?

Good afternoon from the jumpseat.  As another busy shift progressed on the best side we recieved the three words we all sit around and wait for.  Engine 8 for the “reported Structure Fire.”  Those words came across the radio as I was stepping up to drive the engine while returning from an automatic alarm when […]

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