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Jumpseat Radio 125 Day of the Nozzle Discussion

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In this week’s episode of Jumpseat Radio podcast, we go live with a large group of Firefighters talking about Engine Company ops.     Listen in as a great group of nozzle firefighters share some great information.     Watch this episode on Youtube Email change Ryan@RyanPennington.us   Jumpseat Radio is a proud member of the Chief Miller […]

Jumpseat Radio 123 Positive hangout with FD Chronicles and National Fire Radio

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In this episode of Jumpseat Radio host, Ryan Pennington sits down with Jason Patton from Fire Department Chronicles to talk about staying positive during the Covid-19 pandemic.  Jason creates amazing videos showing the life and times of front line fire and EMS.  During the interview with Jason, the show gets Zoom bombed by Jeremy from […]

Jumpseat Radio 117 Talking ventilation live in Missouri

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In this week’s episode of Jumpseat Radio host, Ryan Pennington welcomes Nick Papa, Anthony Avillo, and Mark Canon to talk about ventilation.  The guys share discuss different things associated with ventilation of heat and smoke during a structure fire. Topics Covered When to vent When not to vent Coordination of the ventilation Email change Ryan@RyanPennington.us   […]

Jumpseat Radio 112 Impeachment of a Firefighter

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In this week’s episode of Jumpseat Radio host Ryan Pennington compares an under-performing firefighter to the current situation of the American President.   How do you see an impeachment coming? Failing on the fireground Not pulling your weight Continually not adjusting for course correction What if your crew impeached you? Violations Policies How would you take […]

Mask in the back?

One of the best things about being the unofficial leader of the #viewscrew is the chance to hear the questions and opinions of many firefighters from around the world.  One opinion that caught my eye today was the question whether to put your face piece on while responding to a reported structural fire.  Let’s take […]

Less is more in Firefighting

Feels good to be out of the pit of promotion and completed the Fire Department Training Networks RIT train the trainer course.  I cannot express how these last few months have been some of the most challenging, blessed, frustrating, happiest, and disappointing of my life.  My phone continually is ringing for more and more folks […]

Views new Sponser!

We would like to welcome the Ohio Fire and Ems Expo as a new sponsor of View’s from the Jumpseat.  These folks put on a FANTASTIC conference in the Midwest that offers affordable pricing and world-class instructors.  Please, join with us as we welcome the Ohio Fire and Ems Expo to the #viewsCrew.  Take the […]

Views Twitter Chat: How Busy is Your Busy

This week on Viewsfromthejumpeat Twitter: What is your busiest Unit   Type/Number and How many Runs a Year:   Keenbell Farm ‏@Keenbellfarm @Keenbellfarm: Run Stats– 2011 had 175,000 calls with 33 engines, 16 trucks, 3 squads. My engine had 4400 runs. #DCFD John Fisher ‏@JohnAFisher Run stats? Between 47 engines and 12 trucks we do around 120K+ runs/yr. […]

Training Keeps you prepared!!

Training Pre-plans and walk-throughs are crucial when it comes to preparation for the next run. How many times have you been into a building for a fire alarm or medical run, only to miss hazards for the call when you are crawling down the smoke filled hall? Look at the doors, windows and overall layout […]

Communications on the Fireground

Communications Whether we are talking about the view from the frontseat or the backseat, a good size-up is an important role on anyone’s fire scene. A thorough size-up begins when the alarm sounds until you back your rig into the station after the emergency. Fire scenes are dynamic in nature and must be continually monitored […]

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