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Mask in the back?

One of the best things about being the unofficial leader of the #viewscrew is the chance to hear the questions and opinions of many firefighters from around the world.  One opinion that caught my eye today was the question whether to put your face piece on while responding to a reported structural fire.  Let’s take […]

Less is more in Firefighting

Feels good to be out of the pit of promotion and completed the Fire Department Training Networks RIT train the trainer course.  I cannot express how these last few months have been some of the most challenging, blessed, frustrating, happiest, and disappointing of my life.  My phone continually is ringing for more and more folks […]

Views new Sponser!

We would like to welcome the Ohio Fire and Ems Expo as a new sponsor of View’s from the Jumpseat.  These folks put on a FANTASTIC conference in the Midwest that offers affordable pricing and world-class instructors.  Please, join with us as we welcome the Ohio Fire and Ems Expo to the #viewsCrew.  Take the […]

Views Twitter Chat: How Busy is Your Busy

This week on Viewsfromthejumpeat Twitter: What is your busiest Unit   Type/Number and How many Runs a Year:   Keenbell Farm ‏@Keenbellfarm @Keenbellfarm: Run Stats– 2011 had 175,000 calls with 33 engines, 16 trucks, 3 squads. My engine had 4400 runs. #DCFD John Fisher ‏@JohnAFisher Run stats? Between 47 engines and 12 trucks we do around 120K+ runs/yr. […]

Training Keeps you prepared!!

Training Pre-plans and walk-throughs are crucial when it comes to preparation for the next run. How many times have you been into a building for a fire alarm or medical run, only to miss hazards for the call when you are crawling down the smoke filled hall? Look at the doors, windows and overall layout […]

Communications on the Fireground

Communications Whether we are talking about the view from the frontseat or the backseat, a good size-up is an important role on anyone’s fire scene. A thorough size-up begins when the alarm sounds until you back your rig into the station after the emergency. Fire scenes are dynamic in nature and must be continually monitored […]

Those who don’t learn from the past…..

Photo From Niosh Volunteer Fire Fighter Caught in a Rapid Fire Event During Unprotected Search, Dies After Facepiece Lens Melts – Maryland   Executive Summary On January 19, 2011, at approximately 1855 hours, a 43-year-old volunteer fire fighter died after being caught in a rapid fire progression. The victim and another fire fighter were conducting […]

Rehab, Rebuild, and Re-Energize!

Good afternoon from the, soon to be, back in the jumpseat views.  After receiving the best news from my orthopedic doctor today I stopped by the fire house to see how things were going.  Guess what, they are the same.  Same firefighters, same calls, and same training going on.  It’s amazing that I am a […]

Helmet Cam from Atlanta Fire

Helmet cam from the Jumpseat! Found this video over at Statter911.com.  Had to post it.  Best #jumpseat helmet cam video that I have seen.  No keyboard command needed on this one, just watch and enjoy the jumpseat riders doing what we are supposed to do, KICK FIRES BUTT!! Shout out to the bravest from Atlanta […]

Hoarder house fire kills lone occupant

Good morning from the jumpseat. As I return from my doctor’s appointment about my shoulder and listen to a 5-alarm fire in Brooklyn NYC I came across this horrific story of a hoarding fire fatality.  Take a moment to look at these dramatic pictures of after the fire was extinguished. These images are a great example […]

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