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Jumpseat Radio 102 Be relentless with Brooke Ames

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In this episode host, Ryan Pennington welcomes Brooke Ames to share her story of leaving her corporate job and begin a journey to the Jumpseat.  Brooke is a career firefighter-paramedic in Wisconsin who has turned her passion for the fire service into her profession.  Brookes journey is nothing short of amazing.  From loosing over 100 […]

Why you are Failing as a Firefighter

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In this episode of Jumpseat Radio host, Ryan Pennington shares the reasons you are failing as a firefighter and how to fix them.    Todays Podcast  Why you are Faining as a Firefighter    Excuses Get in your way      You are waiting on someone else to train you Your ego won’t let you […]

Jumpseat Radio 097 Hydrovent with Kevin O’Donnell

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In this weeks episode of Jumpseat Radio host, Ryan Pennington welcomes his good friend Kevin O’Donnell from Hydrovent US.  Kevin and his dad have spent years inventing a nozzle that uses hydraulic ventilation with straight stream application at the SAME TIME.  Ryan and Kevin talk about Ventilation Stream application Negative pressure Ventilation Where did the […]

Jumpseat Radio 096 Victim Search with Thomas Anderson

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Jumpseat Radio 096 99% Search with Thomas Anderson In this episode of Jumpseat Radio host, Ryan Pennington sits down with Thomas Anderson from Insight Fire Training to talk about Tic use in the primary search.  Thomas travels the country speaking on enhancing search by using the Thermal imaging camera. Topics covered include Directed search Tic […]

Jumpseat Radio 093 LIVE from FDIC Second Hour

In this episode of Jumpseat Radio Ryan welcomes a round table discussion LIVE from FDIC 2019.  Listen in as the fella’s sit down and talk shop!           Jumpseat Radio is a proud Member of the Chief Miller Media Family       Instagram @Chief_Miller_ Instagram @ChiefMillerMedia  Twitter       @Chief_Miller_ Website   https://www.chiefmillerapparel.com/     Audio Player […]

Jumpseat Radio 091 It’s not a brotherhood of one!

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In this weeks episode of Jumpseat Radio host, Ryan Pennington sits down with Mosses Jefferies and Bobby Drake.  Both guests are recruit school instructors for their departments and enjoy the conversation of the recruit school process.  If you are an aspiring recruit the episode is a DON’T MISS! Topics Covered Include: Prepping for Recruit School […]

Jumpseat Radio 087 3 Reasons why you are Failing

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  You are comfortable where you’re at.        When was the last time you were pushed to your limits     How do you honestly Judge your Fireground performance      Does it take a mistake or a near miss to change it       Does it take a health scare or […]

Jumpseat Radio 086 Cranking it up with Chief Soller

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In this weeks episode of Jumpseat Radio host, Ryan Pennington welcomes Fire Chief Brian Soller from the Rock Hill Fire Department. Chief Soller runs an Instagram page that is FULL of motivation, fitness, all based around the Volunteer Fire Departments. Chief shares his challenges and success on a daily basis with social media to encourage […]

Jumpseat Radio 080 The Op Mindset with Jeff Banman

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In this weeks podcast host, Ryan Pennington, sits down with former CIA Operator and Former Army Ranger Jeff Banman from the OpMIndset.com.  Jeff has spent his entire career teaching and researching the operator mindset.  Ryan and Jeff talk about What is the OpMindset How the Stack effect works The 10 Foot Rule The 30 Degree […]

Everyone wants to be a gangster until

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By now the firefighter meme about the title of this blog has circuited around the inter-webs for months. It shows a firefighter removing bars with a saw with heavy fire coming out. While this picture is sure to get the safety folks cold chills down their spines it also is a true statement. Being a […]